I offered a series of lectures on Love in Adelaide in 1995

You can listen to my reflections on the section of Love that interests you by clicking on one of the audio files below. The process for downloading and saving the file varies from browser to browser (generally right-click for Widows PC and control-click for Mac).

1. Intimacy (The meaning of life)

audio: Intimacy

02. God's love for us pdf

audio: God's love for us

03. Our Love for God pdf

audio: Our love for God Part 1

audio: Our love for God Part 2

04. Love of self pdf

audio: Love of self Part 1

audio: Love of self Part 2

05. Love for others. Religions pdf

audio: Love for others

06. Love for others: Scott Peck pdf

audio: Scott Peck

07. Love for others: reflections

audio: Love for others

08. Summary


A copy of the full suite of audio files is available on 1 CD (cost $5.00, plus an extra $5.00 if purchased singly, to cover packaging and postage). Please contact me if you wish to purchase.

  • You can, of course, download this material free of charge from this website.

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  • An Inviation to love